To build a secure, transparent, and highly available electronic voting platform that empowers citizens in a direct democracy. The system aims to minimize vulnerabilities by involving multiple independent divisions, offering public code scrutiny, and implementing multilayer verification processes.

System Architecture


  1. User Interface (Client App)
  2. Central Processing System
  3. Multiple Independent Divisions
  4. Voter Registration Authority
  5. Public Vote Log
  6. Notification System

Information Flow

  1. Voter Registration: The Voter Registration Authority validates voters and assigns unique IDs.
  2. Vote Initiation: The user votes via the client app.
  3. Vote Verification: Each division receives the vote, validates the voter ID, and signs the vote.
  4. Vote Consolidation: The Central Processing System consolidates votes from all divisions.
  5. Vote Logging: Votes are logged in a Public Vote Log.
  6. Notification: Voters are notified of their vote status through multiple channels (e.g., email, in-app, SMS).

Key Features

Client App